B2 Nivel Intermedio de Inglés

Guía Completa de Gramática

  1. Verb patterns to + infinite or gerund 
  2. Verbs + ing and to + infinitive with different meanings: remember, try, stop, regret, forget 
  3. Relative clauses (review) 
  4. Which to refer to a whole clause 
  5. Omitting relative pronouns 
  6. Reduced relative clauses 
  7. Quantifiers 
  8. So and such (review) 
  9. Do and did for emphasis 
  10. Be / get used to (doing) Vs. Used to (do) 
  11. Adverbs and adverbial phrases 
  12. Obligation, permission and prohibition (review) 
  13. Necessity: didn’t need to / needn’t have 
  14. Ability in the past (could, was / were able to, managed to, succeeded in) 
  15. Comparatives 
  16. Linkers of contrast 
  17. Ways of referring to the future (review) 
  18. Future continuous 
  19. Future perfect 
  20. Conditionals (review) 
  21. Mixed conditionals 
  22. I wish and if only 
  23. I would prefer to / I would prefer it if, It’s time, I’d rather / sooner 
  24. Reported speech (review) 
  25. Reported questions and requests 
  26. Speculating (past, present and future) 
  27. Cause and effect linkers 
  28. Passive report structures 
  29. The passive: verbs with two objects