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Presente Simple en Inglés | Ejercicios PDF

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Aquí encontrarás una serie de ejercicios para que puedas poner en práctica todo lo aprendido.


    Ejercicios de Presente Simple en Inglés para Imprimir con Soluciones

    Change the verb into the correct form:

    I usually ______ to school. (IR)

    They ______ books often. (LEER)

    You _______basketball once a week. (JUGAR)

    Tom ________ his clothes every day. (CAMBIAR)

    He always _________ us funny stories. (CONTAR/DECIR)

    She never _______ to me! (ESCUCHAR)

    Martha and Kevin _______ twice a week in their new kitchen. (COCINAR)

    In this shop people usually ________ a lot. (COMPRAR)

    Linda ______ beautiful novels. (ESCRIBE)

    John rarely ________ with his new shoes. (CAMINAR)

    We _______ in the city most of the year. (VIVIR)

    Lorie _________ Coke every Sunday. (BEBER)

    I _______ every day so I can be a good student. (ESTUDIAR)

    You ________ your teeth every day. (CEPILLAR)

    He always _______ the door for me. (ABRIR)

    Change the verb into the correct form:

    You watch some videos while Dad ________ horror films. (VER)

    The boy ________ his toy. (ARREGLAR)

    My neighbor ________ his car. (LAVAR)

    The dog _________ the ball. (ATRAPAR)

    Emma ________ to the cinema with her mom. (IR)

    The girl _________ her dad. (BESAR)

    Kevin __________ his homework every day at home. (HACER)

    The Dj _________ music for the party. (MEZCLAR)

    The owner __________ the dog new tricks. (ENSEÑAR)

    The class ___________ at 10 o’clock. (FINALIZA/TERMINA)

    Change the verb into the correct form:

    I _______ piano while she ______ Xbox. (TOCAR/JUGAR)

    She ________ she doesn’t want to go to the beach. (DECIR)

    He ________ to do his best. (TRATAR/INTENTAR)

    They ______ a nice car. (COMPRAR)

    He _______ the expensive house. (COMPRAR)

    She _______ for her shoes. (PAGAR)

    You _______ a lot of money. (PAGAR)

    The babies _______ a lot while Kevin ______ just a little. (LLORAR)

    You better ________ at home. (QUEDAR/PERMANECER)

    She _______ a heavy backpack. (LLEVAR/CARGAR)